KIN Design is a design studio that
create a advertising & social media
post design, print or flyers posters,
and also product designs, our work is
to make sure your ad is an eye catching
which makes the viewers stop their scrolling
once they see your ad

The design has big effects on the client’s mind, it’s the first thing that makes anyone thinks about your brand or business, for example if the customer saw a really cool design, He will think that this brand is well and trustworthy comparing to the brands that doesn’t care too much about this side of branding.

In most cases the goal is to make people stop scrolling and if your design couldn’t do it, that’s mean that the client doesn’t care about your brand which lead into losing this customer for the reason that he thinks that the design is not good it means that the brand also is not good!

To reach this goal, you have to take care about this side or angle of your business to present it successively in a way that catch the eye of anyone either on social media or in the print design they are looking at, this is all our work to make sure your business should be shown as a great brand through a great design.


Social Media Design

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Frequently Asked Questions

What you are selling ?

Social Media & product & Print design such as Menu ,flyers, and Poster.

Payment method ?


CCP ( For Algerians )

How can i get my design ?

You will receive it using Google Drive, PDF file for Print & JPG for social media design 

Can i get PSD file of the item ?



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